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System based on dry cement-mineral mix in constructional package (cathead) for dead-ending of embedded parts

Field of application:
For dead-ending steel reinforcement in concreter or in other strong constructions. Can be used for dead-ending of machinery, for attached implements, for making arc strengthening in shaft sinking etc.

Common characteristics:

  • Appearance: waterproofing cathead with special mix
  • Proportion: defined by current tasks

Technical information:
Water requirement, % to 30,0
Dilatation after 1 day, %: to 1,0
Time of setting, min  
begining 4-6
end 10-12
Strength after 24 hours, MPascal  
Compressive strength 50
shearing strength 4,0
Strength after 28 days, MPascal  
Compressive strength 110
shearing strength 7,5
Effort of pulling after 24 h., 14-18 t*
(when Ø of blast hole is 28, Ø of anchor is 20 mm, depth of fixation is 400 mm)  
*Field test data maked by certify laboratory "Test centre of building constructions" Kyiv (Report 61-63/1 from 01.06.2003 .)

After mounting the anchoring system has resistance to high temperatures, salt and other aggressions.

Temperature of application: -5 °.

Work in concrete with any moisture (including underwater), not toxic, not combustible.

Retention cycle in hermetic package is to 12 months.

  1. Opening is drilled in a massif with necessary diameter and total depth (blast hole).
  2. Blast hole is cleaned from dust and grit, for example with compressed air.
  3. Before anchor putting walls of blast hole are dumped with water. Remainders of water are moved off.
  4. Cathead is submerged into water and kept during calculated time depending on Ø of cathead but no more than 60 s.
  5. Catheads are input but no later than 2-3 min after its dumping in blast hole in necessary quantity.
  6. Attachment is located in blast hole opening and driven in over catheads to home or located with slow-speed drill. Wet mix at this moment is being filled to all space between from anchor and walls of concrete. The rest of it is pressed out.
  7. Unloaded anchor is left for 30 minutes.
Installation diagram of anchor
Masif drilling Cathead mounting Anchor mounting


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