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Dry cement-mineral mix for filling with concrete hard-for-reaching technological or natural cavities

Field of application:
For pumping concrete mixes into hard-for-reaching cavities with making constructional, water resistance protective and strengthening layers. Can be used for making waterproof jackets:

  • In tunnels with broken waterproofing;
  • In sewage services;
  • In thin walled reinforced concrete constructions.

Characteristics of concrete based on TSEMINS TSI:

  • It is cement composition with fine-grained addition;
  • Ready to use after water adding;
  • Waterproofed;
  • Steam-tighted;
  • Cold and salt influence resistance;
  • High mobility.

Technical information:
1. Base mixture:  
      base cement
      bulk weight, kg/m3 1300-1500
      size of mineral additives, mm to 2
      package, kg 25, 50
      retention cycle in hermetic package to 12 months
2. Concrete solution:  
      Water-solid relationships, relative unit 0,30-0,35
      flow, mm 180-200
      Time of setting, min  
            begining 200-240
            end 300-340
3. Concrete:  
      compressive strength, 106 Pascal:  
            1 day 10-15
            3 days 20-25
            28 days 40-45
      adhesion to repairing concrete, 106 Pascal to 1,5
       Corrosive resistance factor (5% solution Na2SO4), relative unit 1,01
      Water resistance, atmosphere 8
       factor 12,4
      dilation unshrinkable
      time of technological mobility retention, min 100-150

Methods of preparation:

  • Concrete solution is prepared in concrete mixers (mortar mills) to getting homogeneous mobility mix

Rate of application: 1,6-1,8 t/m3

Methods of transportation of solutions to technological cavities:
  • by building mortar pump;
  • hand filling.


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