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Dry cement-mineral mix for concrete with high aggression resistance

Field of application:
Repair works with making high aggression resistance concretes.


  • It is mineral composition with fine-grained addition;
  • Ready to use after water adding;
  • Cold and influence of salt and weak acids resistant;
  • High adhesion including metals.

Technical information:
1. Base mixture:  
      base mineral
      bulk weight, kg/m3 1600-1700
      size of mineral additives, mm to 3
      package, kg 25, 50
      retention cycle in hermetic package to 10 months
2. Concrete solution:  
      Water-solid proportion, relative unit 0,14-0,18
      flow, mm 140-180
      time technological mobility retention, hours 2
      Time of setting, min  
            beginning, not until 40
            end, not later 160
3. Concrete:  
      compressive strength, 106 Pascal:  
            1 day 20-25
            28 days 40-50
      Adhesion to repairing concrete, MPascal  
            1 day 0,6-0,8
            28 days 1,5-2,0
      Water resistance, atmosphere 8
      freeze-thaw durability, cycles 300
      dilatation unshrinkable

Claims to work surface:
TSEMINS TST is used for repair work on concrete or reinforced concrete surfaces. These surfaces must be prepared with demounting ruptured surfaces manual or mechanized method. For high adhesion air or water blasting can be used. Surface must be wet before application repairing solution.

Methods of preparation:

  • Concrete solution is prepared in concrete mixers (mortar mills) with recommended quantity of water. For example, on 100 kg of mix using 18 l of water.

Rate of application: 1,9-2,0 t/m3

Curing of concrete:
After application of concrete solution its surface should be protect from premature.

Safety methods are identical to ordinary concrete.

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