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Dry cement-mineral mix with controlled widening

Field of application:
for repair and hermetization of joints and preliminary weld.

Concrete characteristics based on TSEMINS TST(r):

  • Cold-resistant;
  • steam-tight;
  • rapid-hardening;
  • water-resisting;
  • expansible.

Technical characteristics:
1. Base mixture:  
      base mineral
      bulk weight, kg/m3 1500-1600
      size of mineral additives, mm up to 1,0
      package, kg 25, 50
      retention cycle in hermetic package up to 12 months
2. Concrete solutions:  
      water requirement, % 0,15-0,17
      flow, mm 130-140
      Time of setting:  
            beginning, min 55
            end, min 115
3. Concrete:  
      compressive strength, 106 Pascal:  
            1 day 12-15
            2 days 20-25
            28 days 40-50
      Dilatation after 1 day, % no less than 0,5

Claims to work surface:
TSEMINS TST(r) is used on clean and wet surfaces.

Methods of preparation:

  • Concrete solution is prepared in concrete mixers (mortar mills) with recommended quantity of water.

Rate of application: 1,8-2,0 t/m3

After final shout-out instruments must be washed by water.

Delivery of blinding component with unshrinkable and adhesion characteristics for making concrete mixes with above mentioned characteristics is possible.

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