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Dry cement-mineral mix for concrete with high water and other agression resistance including sulfate resistance

Field of application:
For creating water resistance and other aggression resistance concrete and reinforced concrete buildings working under hydrostatic and hydrodynamic thrust of water. Concrete with this mix has resistance to sulfate, magnesia, carbonic acid, alkali aggression and also resistance to washing out by deionizer water.

It is composed with mineral additives and modifiers of cement stone

Technical information:
1. Base mixture:  
      base mineral
      bulk weight, kg/m3 1400-1800
      size of mineral additives, mm up to 20
      package, kg 25, 50
      retention cycle in hermetic package up to 12 months
2. Concrete solution:  
      mobility (slump), cm 5-9
      Water-solid relationships, relative unit 0,12-0,16
      time of technological mobility retention up to 2 h.
3. Concrete:  
      compressive strength, 106 Pascal:  
            1 day 20-25
            2 days 30-35
            28 days 50-55
      adhesion to repairing concrete, 106 Pascal 1,5-2,0
      freeze-thaw durability, cycles no less than 300
      Corrosive resistance factor (5% solution Na2SO4), relative unit 1,01
      Water resistance, atmosphere 10-12
       factor 12,3
      dilation dimensional stability

Claims to work surface:
TSEMINS TST is used for repair work on concrete or reinforced concrete surfaces. These surfaces must be prepared with demounting ruptured surfaces manual or mechanized method. For high adhesion air or water blasting can be used. Surface must be wet before repairing solution application.

Methods of preparation:

  • Concrete solution is prepared in concrete mixers (mortar mills) with recommended quantity of water

Rate of application:1,9-2,2 t/m3

Curing of concrete:
After application of concrete solution its surface should be protected from premature extinction because the conditions that is necessary for normal maturing can be changed.

Safety methods are identical to ordinary concrete. Time of concrete curing with TSEMINS is reduced 1,5-2 times at the expense of much faster hardening.

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