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Our enterprise in cooperation with state research institute «Ukrditsement» specializes on the development, production and using of special concrete mixes and compositions helping to solve problems of concrete, reinforced concrete, metallic and others man-made constructions repair including roads, bridges, overpasses, dams, aerodromes covering, water passages, cooling stacks etc.

These materials with no doubt won building market of Ukraine and the nearest foreign countries, the products received numerous prizes in quality and uniqueness from famous contests and meets the requirements of international standard of quality ISO 9001:2000 and are in demand of concrete goods producers and specialists of leading construction companies.

Our materials and technologies were used on the objects of Juzhnaja and Odesskaja railways, heat power plant, series of hydroelectric power plants of public corporation «Ukrhydroenergo», UkrNIIGAZ, DRSU, close corporation «Transmonolit», in building of aqua park in Alushta, swimming pools in Jalta etc.

We are proposing to your attention:

  1. Early-strength admixture superplastisizer in concrete mixes and mortar (specification of Ukraine 26.5-30751392-001-2002). Using of which makes it possible to improve quality of goods and cut products cost and also improve quality of repair, restoration and construction works.
  2. Premixed dry concrete and mortar for special industrial function of trademark «Tsemins» (specification of Ukraine .2.7-26.6-30751392-002-2004) for emergency repair (getting durability of concrete 20106 pascal in 4-6 hours after placement of concrete); for injection into concrete and technological cavity; for sealing of joints (expanding mixes); for repair of surfaces including gunite work; for dead end of machinery, attached implements, balconies and cast-ins.
  3. Milled mineral additives and dry high-silica sand with different granularity used in molding sand in metallurgy; in fine concrete and polymer concrete; in filter materials for drinking water and industrial flowing; in blast cleaning of surfaces; in blinding of sport grounds and homestead land; decoration plaster; in dressing compound and etc.
  4. In addition, our company executes special building works, provide a full range of special underwater and high-altitude works, finds non-standard solutions of building problems and using materials. High-class specialist work in our company. In any time they can help you to manage problems and decide questions of quality and operatively execute work on building and repair and also accelerate production and reduce the price of safe reinforced-concrete production.

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