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Almost everything in Ukraine needs repairing and rebuilding. No doubt, that for successful finishing of this work it is necessary to use modern materials and technologies. Concrete rafts, walls, ceiling, bridges, underpasses, cooling stacks, water conduits, dams, roads, aerodrome coatings and other objects need cardinal and quick methods of repair and rebuilding that cant be done by traditional methods.

Company «Spechimzhashcita» together with national research institute «Ukrdicement» since 1997 has been reliable positive working and constantly increasing enterprise, license 486982 of Gosstroy of Ukraine. One direction of our activity is realization of full cycle of special repair-building works including sandblasting, underwater, high-altitude and other works with ones own materials and equipment..

During the years of our work we have repaired, built and rebuilt quite a number of industrial objects, such as:
Odesskaja railway
  • Ferroconcrete road underpasses on 338 km and 341 km in direction "Znamenka - Piatihatka"
Juzhnaja railway
  • Construction of road underpasses on 13 km in section "Kharkiv - Lubotin"
  • Construction of road on 802 km section "Grebinka Cherkassy"
mounting of anchor and repair on water conduits of Kyivskaja GRES
repair of cooling stacks of TEC-2 (Kharkiv)
building aqua park in Alushta (in Crimea)
and many other things…

Our experience, knowledge, materials and specialists are ready to work for your enterprise.

We use developed and produced by our company certified in Kharkiv materials and technologies.

Close corporation «Spechimzhaschita» suggest the following services:
  • Visit of specialists for inspection of an object;
  • Selection of materials for repair, building etc;
  • Project development;
  • Quick and qualitative budgeting;
  • Contracts making on manufacturing and delivery of materials;
  • Execution of contract on making all necessary special repair and building works;
  • 1 year guarantee on all performed work and used materials.

All our relationships will be documented. At first budget is made. In it all complex of planned works and materials being used are assigned. System of price rates is very adaptable, accounting conditions and volumes of work. Our prices are moderate and really reflect your needs. Participation and repeated winning in tenders allow defined optimal balance of interests of client and firm.

After coordinations of a budget contract is made. Budget is legalized as annex of contract that juridically fixes its accurate realization. As annex can be realized in diagram of financing, delivery of materials, execution of works. If during execution of the works you did some changes it will be reflected in additional agreement.

After signing the act of formal acceptance you get guarantee for 1 year on all executed works and used materials. We take care of our reputation.

Entering the civilized partner relationships we are trying to follow demand of a client and optimize his costs. Detailed instructions created by experienced specialist economize costs on reconstruction 1.5 times. Clear definition of size and kind of works is promoting to truer estimating and decrease its summary costs to 15%. Properly done documents make it possible to reproduce diversion gross in tax calculation that decrease sum of profit tax and give a right on VAT compensation. It gives real economy of finances that doesnt effect the quality of work.

You must meet our enterprise and check everything said above.

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  Krasnoarmeyskaya st.
  8/10-,office 30
  f. (057) 734-91-70
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