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Services \ Special underwater works


  • underwater electrode and half-automatic welding;
  • ultrasonic flaw detection of welded connection;
  • exothermal cutting of metal;
  • grouting of deadwood bungs;
  • mounting and dismounting spindles of the ships;
  • replacement of stuffing box on the shafts and spindles;
  • works on grinding and polishing of screws;
  • underwater sandblasting of metal;
  • cleaning of bottom and outboard equipment;
  • cleaning of hulls;
  • scrapping places skins of hull to metal with hydroblaster, in line with diagram making measurement of residual thickness;
  • making measurement of residual thickness of hull skins in line with diagram;
  • mounting and dismounting patches and stoppers on water receiving and discharge orifices of ship (an application);
  • mounting and dismounting separate protect elements of thread protection;
  • painting clean out to metal skins of hull;
  • video filming of all enumerating workloads (an application);
  • inspection and repair waterfront structures pile- and gravity-type;
  • inspection and repair underwater parts of piers and pipe canals;
  • works on underwater concreting of detecting of hydro technical construction;
  • repair of reinforced concrete and stonework with pumping special repair materials;
  • unsilt (washing and pumping out with hydraulic monitor);
  • filling and leveling beds. If necessary we will be able to provide hydro mechanical pilling of stone beds;
  • dismounting steel and reinforced concrete construction;
  • power cabling underwater;
  • cleaning of water body by pump dredge;
  • ship-raising works;
  • works on detailed diving inspection of the ships under River Register with coloured television complex, with ultrasonic thickness gage, with underwater photoequipment, with pit gage, with incline level, and also tool sets for flaw-detection of screw-steering complex.

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